A Lawyer On Your Side

For more than 20 years, Andrew H. Marty has represented workers ars who suffer from injuries. He works for injured workers throughout Missouri, including St.Charles County, Lincoln County, Montgomery County, St.Louis County, St.Louis City, Warren County, and Franklin County. Call 636-486-4861 or contact us by email today. A free initial consultation is available to discuss your case.

Without the right lawyer, the employer and their insurance company may not treat your fairly. It is in the employer’s and its insurance company’s best interest to save money for themselves and to pay the injured worker the least amount possible. Accordingly, an injured worker may not receive a proper diagnosis or medical treatment from qualified healthcare providers; the correct amount of workers’ compensation pay; or the maximum value of permanent disability. Andrew H. Marty can help.

St. Charles and Missouri Workers Compensation Representation

Having the right attorney can make all the difference for workers injured on the job.

Andrew H. Marty can put to work for you:

  • A successful record of settlements and awards;
  • Extensive experience spanning over 20 years;
  • A strategy developed over years to get the best results.

Work with an attorney who is working for your best interest. Andrew H. Marty is an aggressive advocate for you and will make every effort to help clients succeed. Call us at 636-486-4861 on contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation

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