Our Approach

A Workers’ Compensation Attorney You Can Count On

Workers’ compensation attorney Andrew H. Marty has spent decades defending the rights of workers throughout Missouri. If you are having trouble obtaining medical treatment, workers’ compensation wage or a lump sum settlement, Andy is here to help you.

We share our clients’ goals of obtaining the best possible resolution available for each individual case. Andrew Marty puts his experience, effectiveness and winning reputation in your conrner.

Workers’ Compensation Representation Ready to Fight for You

When you’ve suffered a work-related or on-the-job injury, from back pain to amputation, you have the legal right to expect your employer to take responsibility for providing medical treatment and financial assistance. Unfortunately, not every employer makes the decision to meet their legal obligations. Too often, employers, their insurance providers and even state agencies try to cut corners, protecting their budgets and bottom lines before the rights of injured workers.

Our workers’ compensation attorney has the experience and the proven track record of winning substantial compensation for clients to fight for you.

  • We don’t just take the easy cases.
  • We don’t just take the quick and easy settlement.
  • We don’t back down when companies try to play dirty.
  • We don’t let our clients get bullied by teams of corporate lawyers.
  • We don’t offer our clients anything but our best.

When you’ve been seriously injured and are facing lost wages and costly medical bills, it makes sense to have a lawyer on your side with decades of experience and success against the nation’s largest employers.

  • We do fight for every penny that you have the right to expect.
  • We do take the cases that other lawyers don’t have the experience to handle.
  • We do approach your case with a winning attitude.
  • We do have the experience, the reputation and the proven history of success you need.
  • We do have the resources to stand up to anything employers and insurance companies can throw at us.
  • We do have a team of experts that will investigate, gather evidence and testify on your behalf.
  • We do expect to win every case that comes through our door.

Put Andrew H. Marty to Work for You

When you need an attorney to represent you for workers’ compensation or Social Security disability appeals matters, contact us to put a law firm to work for your case that will fight for every penny you deserve.

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